From inception, the East Hampton Golf Course was specifically designed as a walking only course.  Given the gentle terrain and available acreage of the land, the owners in conjunction with the course architects, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw conceived a traditional layout for the course that would provide a leisurely and non-demanding walk for the members and their guests.  

  • The Club has two golf carts available for use and there will never be more than two golf carts on the course at any time.

  • Carts will be made available on a first come first served basis and cannot be reserved in advance.

  • Use of a cart will be restricted to members who are unable to walk the course due to a temporary disability or are recovering from surgery.  The member may drive the cart on designated routes determined by the Club.

  •  The Club reserves the right to restrict or eliminate the operation of golf carts on any given day.  The Club also reserves the right to refuse cart privileges to any member abusing the policy or operating a cart in restricted areas.

  • The Club strongly suggests that members do not bring guests who are unable to walk the golf course.  However, if a situation arises where a guest cannot walk the course the club will allow the guest use of a cart based on  availability.  The cart must be driven by the member or the guest’s caddie on designated routes determined by the Club.  Under no circumstances will a guest be allowed to drive a cart.



The following are NOT appropriate anywhere on Club property:

  • Blue jeans, work jeans and jean skirts

  •  Tee-shirts, tank tops and mesh shirts

  •   Open-toed sandals or flip-flops, bare feet

  •   Swim wear, sweat pants, warm-up suits

  •   Cargo pants and cargo shorts

  •   Short shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts

  •   Golf shirts without collars

Anyone not properly attired will not be permitted to use the club facilities.  Guests should arrive and leave the club grounds in proper attire.  Men should remove their hats when indoors and shirttails should be tucked in at all times.  Realizing the location of the club is in the heart of a summer resort/vacation area, the club will relax its dress code for members and guests who arrive and/or depart in non-golf attire. However, anyone using the club’s facilities i.e. golf course, practice range or clubhouse, proper attire will be required.



The use of your cell phone for conversational purposes is prohibited in all areas of the EHGC property except for the privacy of automobiles, second floor telephone alcove and the lounge area inside the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

  • Cell phones must be either set to operate in the silent mode or be turned off.

  • The use of cell phones on the practice areas is strictly prohibited.

  • Cell phones are permitted to be used for non-verbal use (texting, emailing, internet, etc.).

  • Cell phone use is highly discouraged on the golf course and all members of a group must consent prior to the round that a member of the group may use their cell phone in urgent cases only.